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Robyn Ord

I'm Robyn, your Fertility Coach and Teacher. I struggled with my fertility for 7 years. Early in my journey, I engaged in IVF and received the news that I was pregnant. Near the end of my second trimester, I went into pre-term labour and spent days fighting to prevent it, experiencing trauma and medical errors in the process. On August 12, 2018, my husband and I welcomed our son Ewan into the world. We showered him with love for two hours before we had to say good-bye. This experience completely broke me, and I wasn’t sure I could live through it. I had to learn to rebuild myself, piece-by-piece, and became open to any and all things that could help.

Overcoming fertility challenges is hard enough; navigating fertility after loss is a whole other journey. It became the only thing I cared about, my sole mission in life, and there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do or try to help me get pregnant again. I tried everything from impeccable nutrition, exercise, acupuncture, supplements, cleanses/detoxes, meditations, hypnosis, subliminals, cycle tracking, IVF and IUI treatments, medications, naturopathic/homeopathic approaches, counselling, reiki and energy healing, fertility astrology, and spirit baby readings. I was all over the place, and it was exhausting.


Losing my son and going through fertility hell was life-changing. Although it was devastating, traumatizing and deeply infuriating, it also changed my life and sent me on a journey to heal and transform myself. I learned an immense amount from my trauma, and in the process, I found tools, techniques, strategies, and practices to make this one of the most transformative times in my life. I learned how to thrive as a whole person again. Once I realized that my fertility journey wasn’t a problem to be solved, I finally stopped the suffering and starting living again. I discovered that fertility isn’t one-dimensional and requires a whole person approach that harnesses the power of the mind, body, heart and soul working in harmony.

In the height of my grief, a family friend said something I will never forget: “when your heart is broken, make art with the pieces”. My fertility journey has helped me become the person I've wanted to be for so long. It has helped me find my passion and purpose: supporting others going through their fertility journeys in ways that enhance and improve their lives. I have become a Fertility Artist, and Wildflower Fertility is the art I’ve made with the pieces. My unique blend of professional expertise and personal experience will support, guide, and teach you how you can reimagine and reclaim your fertility journey so that you can get back to living again, while optimizing your fertility capabilities.

Whole Person Fertility Support

Wildflower Fertility provides the whole person fertility care you've been longing for. We fill the gaps that so many experience in the fertility industry by focusing on you as a whole person - your mind, body, heart and soul. We offer Fertility Coaching and Online Education Programs for people who are struggling on this journey. You may feel like you've already tried 'everything' and feel stressed, stuck, lost, and hopeless, but the past does not have to define your fertility future. It’s time to feel better and thrive again, while also addressing what may be getting in your way in order to enhance your conception capabilities. Wildflower programs will help you reclaim and reimagine your fertility journey beyond the one you’ve been struggling with, and rewrite your story.  

We provide whole person fertility supports that improve your experiences and outcomes. If you’ve tried all the conventional treatments without the results you desire, it’s time to create your own plan, a plan that feels right for you. Wildflower Fertility programs are designed specifically for people who have 'tried everything' and are ready to dive deeper into the aspects of fertility that are often left unaddressed: the mind, heart, and soul. You are more than a baby-making receptacle - it's time to remember who you are and what you’re capable of. Being fertile means having all parts of you working together in harmony. When your body, mind, heart, and soul work together, you've got a roadmap for fertility success. 

No more feeling lost, stuck & hopeless

Feel Better with a Personalized Plan

Whole person strategies have been proven to dramatically reduce the stress and distress that often arise from fertility struggles while also making it easier for you to conceive. With a personalized plan, you'll feel better by learning to transform your mindset, regulate your nervous system to help regain hormonal balance in your body, and take back control of this journey by identifying and addressing any factors that are getting in the way. You’ll learn to tune into your inner knowing and higher self, and reconnect with, love, and trust your body again. You'll go from feeling stressed, lost and frustrated, to feeling confident, certain, and clear about your fertility and how you want to approach this journey moving forward.

Learn, Heal, and Transform

You'll be guided to show up for yourself in a whole new way. Your thoughts, beliefs, and unconscious programming are running the show, and there is a direct connection between your thoughts and your outcomes. By digging deeper into whole person tools and strategies, you'll be guided to reprogram your mindset, heal from past painful experiences, and leave the problem-oriented focus, treatments, and approaches behind. Our coaching and education programs will help you become fully and completely aligned with your vision of parenthood by harnessing the power of your body, mind, heart and soul working together in harmony. We'll give you tools, techniques, and principles to completely transform your fertility journey. 

From Surviving to Thriving 

This journey can be all-consuming, exhausting, and heartbreaking. Research shows that nearly half the people who experience fertility struggles consider it to be the most upsetting experience of their lives, and that it can cause as much stress as having a life-threatening illness. If fertility has completely chipped away at your mental and emotional wellbeing, it’s all you can think about and you're no longer fully living, and you’re struggling in other areas of your life too, then it’s time to get some support. There is a better way to experience your fertility journey, one that cultivates vibrancy and vitality. We'll help you have a better experience navigating your fertility future, so that you can go from surviving this experience, to fully thriving as a whole person again. 

Fertility After Loss Support

Experiencing fertility challenges is hard enough; navigating fertility after loss is a whole other journey. If you are continuing your fertility journey after experiencing loss and trauma, or you’re in the process of healing so that you can restart your journey, we are here to support you. Our whole person programs will guide and support you while providing you with tools and techniques that will enable you to heal and find your way again while navigating the road to your healthy rainbow baby.

The Wildflower

The wildflower is a beautiful living being that grows and blooms wherever it finds itself. It is resilient, strong, and perseverant. It overcomes obstacles in its environment, sometimes thriving in harsh and unforgiving climates. It fills landscapes with profound and breathtaking beauty. It is the ultimate symbol of fertility, abundance, and freedom. Wildflowers grow freely, uninhibitedly, and represent joy, beauty, resilience, and abundance. No matter where they're planted, they bloom. They are fertile, spreading seeds to create more beauty and joy in the world. You, my love, are a wildflower. You didn't choose to end up on this journey, but you can choose to bloom despite it. No matter where you are on your journey, our programs will help you rewrite your story so that you can bloom, thrive, feel empowered, and live into and achieve your vision of parenthood. 

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Become a Wildflower

1:1 Coaching

With the perfect blend of professional expertise and personal experience, 1:1 coaching will support you to get really clear on your vision of parenthood, and become aware of how your thoughts, emotions, and belief programming are impacting your fertility outcomes and overall well-being.


What if you had an all-in-one roadmap for fertility success? Our self-paced, online courses equip you with the knowledge, strategies, and tools you need to overcome challenges and barriers on your fertility journey. If you’re ready to optimize your fertility success, check out our course library!

Free Resources

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our resource library where you’ll find free digital downloads and our blog. We strive to provide high quality products to support you with your fertility and wellness. 


Client Testimonials

I work with Robyn to identify opportunities and tackle challenges.  I appreciate Robyn’s unique insights, versatility, and overall her sincere kindness, spirit, and support throughout it all.  Our sessions have been productive and flexible enough to focus on areas that we need to work through together.  Robyn has brought a wealth of knowledge, experience, and practical tools to help me clarify and set goals, and navigate through some very stressful times.  Robyn is exceptional and I am blessed that we have had the opportunity to work together! 

V, Toronto Canada

Working with Robyn helped me really articulate the vision I have for myself as a mom. I was experiencing barriers that I wasn’t even aware of and she helped me figure out how to overcome them. It’s really reduced my stress and helped me see other possibilities. I really appreciated her style and approach to help me be the kind of mom I want to be. 

Sarah, Toronto Canada

Tom Petty
"You belong among the wildflowers. You belong somewhere you feel free"

Wildflower Fertility online courses.

Have you been on your fertility journey longer than you had envisioned? Have you already tried everything? There is a better way! With the perfect blend of professional expertise and personal experience, I will provide you with an all-in-one roadmap to fertility success. Join the waitlist for our self-paced, online courses to help you reimagine and reclaim your fertility journey.

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