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My Approach

I provide a safe, warm, and disarming approach in my coaching. Although I do not practice as a therapist, I often hear that my coaching has a therapeutic effect on my clients. Coaching lights me up, gives me life-force energy, and fills my cup.


I am passionate about coaching, and grateful for the opportunity to listen, ask powerful questions to evoke self reflection and awareness, to facilitate growth and change, and support people to reach their goals by aligning their mindset, emotions, physical health, and spirit to their desired vision and future state. I am very skilled at hearing what is, and what isn’t being said, observing habits and barriers that are getting in the way of goals (such as limiting beliefs, habits, trauma responses, and conditioning) and compassionately supporting people to remove the barriers to transform their life.


I am skilled at helping people unlearn and deconstruct the unconscious programming that is running without their awareness and sabotaging their progress and outcomes. I support people to overcome these patterns to manifest the deepest desires in their heart.

Hi, I'm Robyn

I’m Robyn Ord (she/her), Fertility Coach and the founder of Wildflower Fertility. I’m from Toronto, Canada, and live just outside of Toronto with my wonderful husband Chris, who is a professional dog trainer and walker. Together we have a son named Ewan who passed away as a baby, and two amazing dogs named Dwight and Daeny who bring us so much joy.


I have been coaching for seven years, and am an expert in whole person tools that support the mind, body, heart and soul to work together to improve fertility capabilities and outcomes. I use a unique combination of approaches from the fields of coaching, holistic psychology, cognitive behaviour therapy, neuroscience, social work, mind body medicine, energy medicine, nervous system regulation, meditation, subconscious reprogramming, learning design, principles of adult learning and development, and ancient spirituality.


I’ve worked in healthcare for over 15 years as a social worker turned organizational development leader, learning designer, and executive coach. This is where my journey into coaching, teaching, and supporting personal change began. My heart and passion belong to fertility coaching, and supporting kindred spirits with my wealth of experience, knowledge, and skills.

When I’m not coaching and teaching, my hobbies are very earthy and creative to match my astrology and Human Design (Taurus sun, Libra moon, Leo rising; HD type Projector). I love hiking, camping, kayaking, playing ukulele, creating mosaic, rock climbing, gardening, and travelling/exploring with my family. As an introvert, I love to rest and restore with a cozy cup of tea, dog snuggles, and some TV. I’m an enormous Beatles fan. I’m also an avid reader who loves learning and enrolling in new courses about personal growth, spiritual development, therapeutic approaches, and anything to enhance my coaching and learning design skills and practices. I am a published writer, currently working on a book about my experiences with fertility and infant loss. I am also a big Toronto sports fan who loves the Blue Jays and Maple Leafs (which means I am extra skilled at supporting broken hearts). I love to support animal rescue and food bank causes in my local community.


Certified Fertility Coach, The Fertile Body Method

Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation

Certified Executive Coach, Royal Roads University

Certified Training and Development Professional, Institute for Performance and Learning

Masters Certificate in Adult Training and Development, York University, Schulich School of Business

Masters of Social Work/Registered Social Worker, Toronto Metropolitan University

Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Wilfred Laurier University

Dare to Lead Trained

Certification in Crucial Conversations for Mastering Dialogue

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