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Client Love

Thank you to my beautiful clients for allowing me to guide them through this time in their lives. 

"She helped me overcome barriers"

Working with Robyn helped me really articulate the vision I have for myself as a mom. I was experiencing barriers that I wasn’t even aware of and she helped me figure out how to overcome them. It’s really reduced my stress and helped me see other possibilities. I really appreciated her style and approach to help me be the kind of mom I want to be. 

Sarah, Toronto Canada

"A wealth of knowledge"

I work with Robyn to identify opportunities and tackle challenges.  I appreciate Robyn’s unique insights, versatility, and overall her sincere kindness, spirit, and support throughout it all.  Our sessions have been productive and flexible enough to focus on areas that we need to work through together.  Robyn has brought a wealth of knowledge, experience, and practical tools to help me clarify and set goals, and navigate through some very stressful times.  Robyn is exceptional and I am blessed that we have had the opportunity to work together! 

V, Toronto Canada

"I feel a great sense of comfort"

As a coach Robyn creates the kind of inviting, safe and confidential space that allows her clients to dive deep into the challenges they are facing in their lives. Whenever I meet with Robyn, I feel a great sense of comfort and assurance because of her ability to listen deeply and without judgment. I have been continually impressed with her ability to help me zero in on the emotions and beliefs underlying my thinking and behaviour and to help me come to a place where I am ready to take action to address the areas where I feel stuck. Through her masterful use of powerful questions and deep compassionate listening, she has helped empower me to do the kind of inner work that has made a tremendous difference to my personal growth. Robyn has an extraordinary dedication and commitment to her craft and to her clients and I’m grateful to have benefitted from her skillful coaching.


Deanne, Toronto

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